25-Year Limited Warranty

CraftStone® products carry a 25-year limited warranty when used on structures that conform to local building codes and installed according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Warranty is limited to replacement of defective materials only. Damages resulting from building settlement, wall movement, force contact, contact with chemicals or paint, discoloration due to airborne contamination, staining or oxidation, will not be covered under the warranty. Warranty is non-transferable and is only limited to the original purchaser.

Water Repellent

CraftStone® products feature the addition of water-based CraftSeal that greatly enhances the stone’s performance in humid condition. CraftSeal is applied onto ALL CraftStone® products before packing, making sure you enjoy the benefits of a sealed stones without worries on stains and algae growth. Being a non-film forming with UV resistance feature product, CraftSeal does not leave a glossy finish, keeping the nature look and feel of CraftStone® the way it should be. Please click for more information on our CraftSeal and application.


CraftStone® products show zero flame spread and zero smoke development.

Green Label

In the pursue for greater benefits for our customer, CraftStone® is proud to be awarded with the distinguish GreenLabel award, CraftStone® is a material that is compatible with both human and environment health.