General Properties
Material Composition:
Portland Cement, Light-Weight Aggregates and Iron Oxide Pigments.

Unit Weight:
33 ~ 45kg/m2 (varies according to profile)

15 ~ 60mm (varies according to profile)


Physical Properties 

Frost Resistance+ :
25 cycles of free-thaw, comprising 10 cycles at –15°C and 15 cycles at -5°C.
 At the end of each cycle, samples are thawed under water at +15°C.
 No visual alterations or cracking on all samples.
Water Absorption:
< 13%
Open Porosity* :
< 35%
Compressive Strength* :
> 12.0N/mm2

Flexural Strength* :
> 5.0N/mm2

+ Test Reference to NBN B27-009-1983

* Test Reference to NBN EN 1926 (1999), NBN EN 12372 (1999)

Back Row: Light-Weight Aggregate (Pumice Stone), Sand, BayFerrox’s Iron Oxide. 

Front Row: Portland Cement, White Cement, Bayferrox’s Iron Oxide.

Raw Materials-crop